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The Yodil Platform

The Yodil Platform and its deep insurance content turn your data into the corporate information asset needed to differentiate and gain competitive advantage in a disruptive environment. The Yodil platform provides data management, quality and governance capabilities to quickly reduce time spent in non-accretive activities. With better, more reliable data, results of predictive modelling, advanced analytics, product development and pricing will be more accurate and create greater competitive advantage.

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What's your Role?

No matter your role, information is the fuel to power your performance.


Insurance companies make money in two ways, assessing risk and investing money, but some say data is the new currency. If you have systems to manage your risks and your money, what about your data? Maximize your return on data, steer your organization with confidence and lead your organization from good to great.


Stop cobbling together your core and ancillary systems data into a patchwork of sluggish and expensive data integrations that always have you on the defensive. Give your business an agile and trusted core information system that moves at the speed of business.

Line of Business

Get answers to those nagging questions. What sales opportunities do I have? Why is my retention falling? How are my underwriters performing? Why are my claims adjusters average times to close increasing?

Actuary/ Product Manager

Tired of chasing the data to do your job? Stop dreaming of having the information you desire and spend more time fueling your strategies for innovation, segmentation, growth and profitability. Picture trusted, integrated data at the level necessary for analyzing product and pricing strategies at your fingertips. If that isn't enough, add benchmarking and external data so you can evaluate your strategies against the market place.

Insurance Professional

Your job is to make decisions on every submission, every claim, every renewal- and manage to your overall goals. Yodil gives you the power to know how you’re doing- against your goals or your peers AND gives you the information to make better decisions on every submission, policy or claim.

Yodil powers the solutions that enable you to confidently respond quickly and accurately to questions posed by the business.

Solution Provider

Address your client’s needs for current and future data capture, storage and use. Information is both the disruptive force and the fuel of insurance innovation. Let us help you accelerate your value to clients.

We Are Insurance Professionals First

The Answer isYes.


Yodil’s services are focused on helping clients successfully prepare for, and ultimately deliver on, an analytical data architecture. We help our clients identify their critical information needs, when they need to be addressed, and how the data assets will be utilized, governed and managed.

Strategic Services

Achieve your information vision and benefit early and often from your data and analytics efforts

Implementation Services

Accelerate benefits and position you to own and manage your business asset

Managed Services

Get the benefits of enterprise data with the piece of mind that insurance data experts are behind you

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Nov 1, 2016


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